Who we are ?

We are a CGI and 3D Design Studio based in Manchester, UK

We specialise in providing high quality photorealistic CGI room sets for the Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom sector, architectural 3D visualisations, animation, video walkthroughs and digital asset management.
At Moxels we are more than just CGI artists and designers. We are innovative. We dedicate ourselves to being at the forefront of current technology giving us the competitive edge in our industry.

Our workflow and processes are streamlined meaning that as a customer you get a quality service on time every time and we keep it within your budget. There are no hidden costs. With more than 20 years combined experience in the CGI industry we are able to bring your projects to life and help you market your product and brand.

Why ?

● CGI is flexible and allows you to display a full range of products in all their available forms and scenarios whilst keeping your costs down.
● We work with clients all over the world. With CGI you can view, approve and amend your images online and run the project from wherever you are.
● In CGI your roomset lasts forever. We store it on our secure server and you can revisit and adapt it again and again, unlike traditional photography which would require the set to be torn down once the project was completed.
● Due to CGI’s versatility you can build, style and change a set much quicker than with traditional roomset photography.
● In the end it all leads to lower prices. And lower prices mean you can get as much as possible for your marketing or advertising campaign.

Moxels is a CGI studio based in Manchester and is home to creatives, CGI artists and technical specialists working together to offer the best possible CGI imagery, animations and VFX to clients in the KBB, architecture and automotive industries.
Our diverse skill set and years of experience in the industry mean we can deliver a high quality product at an extremely competitive price.

Call us today on 07446 086 059 or email us at hello@moxels.com to find out how we can help you.

Our philosophy

The core strength of our team lies in trust and integrity. We trust each other and we want to build a friendly and trusting relationship with our clients. This kind of relationship means we go above and beyond to make sure the client gets perfect imagery and a quality service. We think beyond just getting the job done, we strive to have an honest and friendly attitude within the company and with our clients. We are fully transparent in our pricing structure and there are no hidden costs that only surface on your final invoice.


At Moxels, we believe in providing the best possible service to our client. Our passion for CGI and our commitment to our clients means that we maintain our position as a leading specialist CGI and 3D visualisation company.

What is our process ?

Each project starts by following a six-stage creation process, individually guided and taken care of by a dedicated project manager as well as the CGI artists, who provide fundamental input at the pre-production stage. The team focuses on identifying the client’s vision and helps pave the road for a smooth workflow and a project that is delivered on time and within budget.


Creative Ideas

Bring your ideas to life through the creative power of our dedicated team of CGI artists and designers. Email us at hello@moxels.com


Rapid Solutions

Use CGI to be the first amongst the competition to get your imagery or video to market. This can mean the difference between a successful or an unsuccessful marketing campaign or product launch.


Magic Touch

Using CGI you can stand out from your competition by providing a unique visual experience to your customers.


Award Winning

As finalists at the SBID International Design Awards 2014 you’re in good hands. Let us help you get the best from your latest project.


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