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07/04/2014 / Art, Design /

The thinker thinking of art and design

        Many designers get inspired by the day to day needs of our lives, but how many use art truly as an inspiration? How art can influence our thoughts and therefore our designs?
I will try to lay down a few thoughts about that and I will start with the most simple question:
What is art?

Quite impossible to define it, but all I know is that art it’s not about colors, images, sounds, words or feelings generated by these factors…, but about people, love and freedom in a given society.
I like to believe that art is about the philosophy of freedom… because what’s life without freedom if not slavery? More important than art is life itself, indeed, but before that you can clearly see how much art has to do with our everyday problems.
Art is not meant to help us evade the reality but to help us create a better reality… based on liberty, morality, altruism and voluntarism. It’s obvious how art is tighten to most of our social aspects like liberties, private ownership, economics, free market of goods and ideas. Continue Reading →

Reality vs CGI

10/03/2014 / News, Design /

As a CGI (computer generated imagery) artist, throughout my career, I worked in several design and visualization agencies with different design approaching strategies. Some of them used to stick to drawings or styling photos at the inception stage through to half way the project, while others used 3D right from the start.
The former ones, used to industries background, like photography, CAD or illustration. They used to stick to the old methods of drawings or photography until the project design was signed off by the client, and in that case, the final render turned out to look way different than what’s been signed off due to several inconsistencies of camera angles, camera lens, illumination(especially shadows — when drawing, you design the windows in parts where you don’t realize how light or shadows will be cast).
In fact, drawings and photography are a waste of time and money.
Of course, don’t get me wrong, a 15 minutes rough sketch of an instance in a meeting is always welcome but anything more than that it’s not really worth it. There’s no point implementing any sketches in your production pipeline.

illustration vs CGI
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