The talented people behind our team, and how to find yours.

30/03/2016 / Tips /

Moxels takes a great deal of pride in the creative people behind its projects.
The team is carefully selected and cared of in order to give maximum return to our clients.


We will get through the steps we have taken to acquire and retain the top performers that walked our door, and help you find, as well, the right people for your dream team.
Companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon… are all taking such steps to make sure the people they work with are best fit to the company culture. Those people are, ultimately, the ones who define the values of a company.
So, it is of paramount necessity to have a team that dives with passion into finding solutions to complex societal problems.


Such top tech companies receive countless résumés yearly, and you, as a company, as well might receive several applications weekly.
It is recommended that you have a good selection process to find these top performers that you don’t want to miss.


So, what is this process ?
No, it’s not those well known interview questions you Googled on Google.
In fact, this finely tuned hiring process goes way beyond rudimentary queries.
If you, too, want to work with the world’s top talents, try some of these secret hiring strategies we’re practicing.

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