Moody Bathroom

With a whole host of sizes to choose from, there really is something for every room, however large or small. Unique and inspired by nature, a stone bowl is a statement-making piece; it has beautiful organic lines and is smooth on both the inside and outside, and has a natural beauty that is undeniable. It has a timeless appeal and transcends fashion. The architectural stone offers a unique and exclusive selection of products, available in both wall and floor tile formats, special trims also in more sculptural bathroom elements.
Each individual stone element, from the smallest mosaic tesserae to the largest washbench, is finished using the renowned “Augusta” process, involving extensive brushing, honing and hand finishing to enhance and reveal the natural beauty at the heart of the stone and produce a delightful soft texture. The range draws on history to create elegant pieces, such as the statement-making large console, which is perfect for larger bathrooms. Elegant detailing makes these pieces gorgeous to look at and close attention to detail ensures they’re built to last.


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