Traditional Photography vs Computer Generated Imagery?

19/11/2015 / Uncategorized /

For companies wanting to market their products in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom industry, photography has long been the most efficient and cost effective way of creating their images. Now more and more manufacturers are turning to computer generated imagery to sell their products.

While photography is still commonplace and some companies steer clear of CGI altogether, many are choosing CGI to solve their ever expanding needs and get the most from their marketing budgets.

The versatility of CGI means that almost anything is possible. Do you want your room set to be in a log cabin in Alaska? With photography this would likely break your marketing budget. With CGI this wouldn’t be an issue.

Photography is no longer the most cost effective solution for all projects. With some types of work, photography is, and always will be the most effective way of getting the required imagery for your product but CGI has changed the way that KBB manufacturers are able advertise their products, saving them time and money and creating room sets that were previously impossible.

While that in itself is enough of a reason to consider using CGI, you are also rewarded with digital assets which can be reused and refined year after year. With traditional photography the room set would have to be dismantled at the end of the shoot, with CGI this room set exists in a digital form on a server and can be reopened with the click of a button.

To find out how our CGI skills can maximise both benefits and profits for your campaign, email or contact Peter on 07446 086 059.


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